Humans of Bentley

If you have never heard of Humans of New York, it’s time to log into either Facebook or Instagram and start following the amazing stories photographer, Brandon Stanton, captures on a daily basis. The entire concept is that Brandon goes up to random, interesting New Yorkers and asks them if he can photograph them and ask them a question or two. These people often reveal inspirational stories, worldly advice, or just give a funny joke. Her Campus is now introducing Humans of Bentley! The exact same concept of Humans of New York except the people photographed and featured are all Bentley students! See the diversity and the amazing people all around you here at Bentley!

“Do you have a passion?”

“I have a passion for fashion.”

“Do you remember the happiest moment of your life?”

“The happiest moment of my life isn’t something like winning an award or getting into college. It was this summer sitting on a beach chair on Moshup beach in Aquinnah Martha’s Vineyard. I had no worries, I was just blissfully happy to be sitting on the beach with my toes in the sand, listening to the waves crash with the beautiful clay cliffs in the background. Everytime I think of that moment I think of how happy I was and wish I was there right now."