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There are so many things to love about winter: the holiday season, snow, time with family, and more. However, one of the things I hate most about winter is how dry it is. I can always tell winter is coming when my skin gets dry, my throat gets scratchy, and my hair feels duller. Here are some of my tips for beating winter dryness this winter season!


My skin and hair get super dry during the winter so I love to pamper myself and use face and hair masks to replenish the moisture to my skin and hair! These masks can be found at any drugstore or beauty supply store and are very affordable – perfect for a college budget! These masks are also a fun activity for a girls night in or with family while a movie plays in the background.


Moisturizing is also a must during the winter months. My hands can get really dry and cracked during the winter so I like to keep hand lotion with me at all times and reapply that throughout the day, especially after I use hand sanitizer since alcohol can be really drying. For my feet, I like to apply Aquaphor right before I go to bed and slide on some fuzzy socks afterwards. Then when I wake up, I peel off the socks and my feet are super soft and smooth underneath!


Humidifiers are your best friend during the winter. Humidifiers help return the moisture to the air during the dryer months. This is really helpful if you’re prone to bloody noses or a dry cough during the winter. I like to keep my humidifier on during the night when I’m sleeping, and it definitely helps me sleep much more soundly during the winter.

Hot Baths

Finally, a great alternative to a humidifier is just taking a hot bath. The steam from a hot bath can be the perfect way to relieve any congestion caused by the dry, winter air. Hot baths are also the perfect way to relax during the holiday season. Therefore, don’t miss out on this great chance to take care of your physical and mental health!

Do you struggle with winter dryness?

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