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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bentley chapter.

Coming back to school during the fall is full of excitement – the weather is still warm outside, everyone is coming off of a high from summer break, and students are reunited with their college friends after all being at home. However, coming back to school for the spring semester is a totally different story. Coming back in January means short days, no sun after 4:30PM, and freezing cold walks to class. For all these reasons, a lot of us can fall under the spell of the spring semester blues. And this takes a toll on nearly everything – it’s sniffles season, everyone is tired when it’s so dark outside, it’s always so cold and gloomy, and there’s a lot less excitement about returning to school. But what if we took the spring semester and the new year as a chance to do more rather than to dread more? Here’s how I like to fight the spring semester blues!

Revamp your dorm room

Moving back to campus is always bittersweet. While I love my room at home and all my family there, I always love coming back to my dorm room that truly encapsulates me and my roommates. When I return for the spring semester, I always try to bring new goodies that I’m excited to use in our room, like new blankets, a new pillowcase, new pictures to hang on the wall, and maybe a new blender to try out in the kitchen. Coming back with new things to use and try always makes me feel a bit giddy for what the semester has to bring!

Join new clubs

Joining new clubs is the perfect way to keep things new and different! Whether it’s a new topic you’ve wanted to explore, a favorite hobby of yours that you haven’t had time for, or a new cause you want to support, joining a new club gives you something new to occupy yourself and a whole new group of friends.

Change up your style

“New year, new me” right? Using the new year as motivation for new habits, new goals, or new routines is the perfect way to kickstart your semester. One thing I love to do is come back to school with new wardrobe pieces to wear and different trends and outfits to try out. And don’t be afraid to start a new trend for the new year too!

Set some goals

The phrase ‘New Year’s Resolution’ might feel exciting for some but dreadful for others. While some people love using the New Year as a time to accomplish new things, others could live without the anxiety that a new year brings. However, setting reasonable and attainable goals for the New Year can give you the satisfaction of accomplishing your goals while also fast tracking some of the tasks on your to-do list. Using the SMART model for goal-making, just be sure that your goals are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely.

Look at that glass half-full

While it’s easy to be a Negative Nancy and just complain about coming back to school, getting up for classes again, and doing homework, looking at things with the glass half-full can really help you get in the attitude for a good semester. Think of the semester as a chance to get good grades, do anything you wish you did last semester, and to spend time with those you fell out of touch with last semester. A new year always means new opportunities!

Change is always hard, but starting a new year can really reset our mindsets and give us a fresh start. Don’t let the spring semester blues ruin your year and think of all that 2023 has to offer – you got this!

Hi everyone! My name is Banmai Huynh and I am from Chelmsford, MA. I'm a Corporate Finance and Accounting major at Bentley University in Waltham, MA and I’m the President of our Her Campus Chapter. I joined Her Campus because I think it's a great creative outlet for college students. I like writing about my personal experiences, opinions, and recommendations! Thanks for reading!