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How to Survive a Long-Distance Relationship

I’m not the first to say it—and I know I won’t be the last either—but I’ll say it anyway: long-distance relationships are hard. Not everyone can successfully navigate a long-distance relationship, for many different reasons. I’m in the third year of a relationship, and about a year and a half of that relationship has been long-distance. It’s difficult, but if you both are willing to try your hardest, you can make it work. Here’s what I’ve found to be the best ways to survive a long-distance relationship:

Make time to text, Facetime, or talk on the phone.

In this generation, we have access to everyone, wherever they may be. You don’t have to write a letter just to communicate with a person, and this is the biggest reason that long-distance relationships are able to survive nowadays.

Try to text throughout the day, or even just at key points during the day where you have downtime (like meal times or while waiting for classes).

If you can, try to Facetime or video chat once a day, even if it’s just for a few minutes while you’re getting ready for bed. Being able to talk to someone and not just text ensures that you can convey your emotions clearly—even if you’re just talking about how tired you are from walking up the Smith stairs.

Find time for dates.

Yes, dates. Facetime is perfect for a movie date, since you can both watch the movie and still talk to/see each other. Personally, I try to have a Facetime date once a week, but you can arrange for however many or few you want. These dates don’t have to be romantic—it’s just a time that you both dedicate to each other, and whatever Facetime activity you decide upon. With streaming and movie services like Netflix and Hulu, you’ll never run out of movies or shows to watch with each other. Here are some additional tips to keep in mind:

Pick something you’ll both enjoy watching.

Try to take turns picking. If you pick a Disney movie this time, let him/her pick something different next time.

This is a great way to find new shows to watch, and you automatically get a buddy to whom you can rant about the show.

Cherish the time you get together in person.

After long periods of not seeing each other, you have to make sure you appreciate the time when you are able to be with them in person. Nothing beats the long-awaited bear hug after not seeing your significant other for a long period of time. Just enjoy their company, even if you do nothing but cuddle in bed while binge watching a Netflix show that you started at the beginning of the semester.

Make memories while you’re with each other.

Take pictures, and hang them on your walls at school so you can remember what you did together.

When you’re together in person, don’t spend all of your time on your phone. You’re finally with the person you’ve been missing—so engage with them.

Don’t let a long-distance relationship get you down. It might be hard at first, but if it’s meant to be and you both put in effort, you’ll be able to get through.




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