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How to Layer Without Looking Homeless

We’ve all had those mornings, the ones where just putting on two matching socks is an achievement; add cold weather and then it’s just a matter of staying warm, how we look is put on the back burner. I’ve compiled a list of how to stay warm, without looking homeless.

Tall Boots Small Boots

1.      Cute shoes are a must. Ask any girl and most guys on campus and they’ll agree. Especially the finance boys in suits who are a physical representation of the heart eye emoji’s. May it be suede booties or leather over-the-knee boots what really matters is what’s on the inside. Invest in socks. Over the knee boots? Fuzzy socks. Booties? JCrew Camp socks add a bit of texture and interest when you can see the top of them peeking out over your booties.

2.      Wool sweaters are super warm but let’s face it, they’re itchier then that time you had lice in 4th grade. Put a comfy shirt on underneath your sweaters so that you don’t have to have the wool right up against your skin. Those same basic shirts are also great to put under button-downs when you don’t want to layer a sweater over, but you still want two layers.

3.      Mix sweaters and shirts you never would before. Try a thin striped shirt with a thick striped sweater. Or even a gingham shirt with a striped sweater. Take risks and then you’ll have an interesting outfit without looking like you picked up the clothes you left on your floor from the night before.


4.      Add a blazer or cardigan, it’s a great pop of color to a simple outfit and you can take both off once you’re up the smith stairs and drowning in your own sweat.

Red Sweater White Sweater

5.      Chunky sweaters were all over the F/W ’15 runways. But nobody actually looks good in chunky sweaters in real life. So add a belt, or even better a scarf under a belt. The scarf will add some color and the belt will help define your waist under the mess of material that actually feels like a blanket (not like I’ll use it to sleep in philosophy or anything).

Button Up Tank Top Plaid Shirt

6.      Invest in button ups, they’re super easy to layer under sweaters or cardigans. The one problem is when they get all tangled up under thick sweaters or you can see the buttons through thin sweaters. Your roommates might give you weird looks or think you’re still drunk from thirsty Thursday but if you wear a tank top over your button up all your problems will go away. I promise I’m not crazy, the tight tank top will hold your button up in place, smoothing out the buttons or holding it in place. Yes you will look crazy until you put on your sweater but I promise you’ll thank me later. 

7.      Simple. Sometimes the best outfits require minimal effort. If you want to add something more to that then you can add a necklace or scarf. Statement necklaces like that from JCrew, Nordstrom or even Forever21 has some cheap ones.

8.      Spring dresses are my favorite. Putting them away for the winter is physically painful, but scrolling through Pinterest I’ve found a great way to let them stay in my closet forever. (thank god for skinny hangers) By putting a button down over them and wearing it like a skirt instead you’ll have an extra layer and still be able to wear your favorite dresses. 

Headband Girl Mirror Selfie

9.      Go athletic, am I going to the gym? Am I going to class? You’ll never know. Its super comfy and you’ll look sports-y and cute. Add a headband and then boom no more bead head either.


10.   Sometimes the easiest ways to spice up your outfit is to not change your outfit at all. Add a bright lipstick or fun eyeliner to spice up your look. White eyeliner is my secret, it’ll make your eyes look bigger and more awake with no effort. Liquid Lipstick is also a great and easy way to make sure your lipstick doesn’t come off during the day. If you don’t know how to apply liquid lipstick here is a short video to help you: “How to Apply Liquid Lipstick like a PRO!

11.   Lastly, walk with confidence. If you’re wearing a somewhat homeless/boho looking outfit and you walk like a runway model then you can look like you just came out of a free people catalog instead of just out of bed.

I'm a sucker for J.Crew, puppies and anything involving carbs. 
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