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How to Dress Comfy Yet Cute!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bentley chapter.

Online classes call for comfy outfits, but being comfy shouldn’t mean that you have to sacrifice looking cute! You definitely don’t need to dress to impress for online classes, but putting on an outfit that you feel confident in can make your whole day and get you in the right mood to learn. Here are my must-haves for a comfy yet cute wardrobe!


Colored or Patterned Sweatpants

I love how sweatpants have become more trendy recently! Nowadays, you can definitely wear sweatpants and get away with looking cute and presentable while staying comfortable. Black and grey sweatpants are definitely staples, but I love to put a twist on my comfy outfits by wearing some colored or patterned sweatpants! I think colorful and patterned sweatpants can make any outfit more interesting and stylish while still keeping things casual and comfortable. Currently, I have some light pink, baby blue, and star-printed sweatpants in my closet. I love wearing these with crop tops, oversized crewnecks, or my black puffer coat when it’s chilly outside. I’ve also been seeing tie dye sweatpants everywhere recently, so definitely get your hands on those too!



Sherpa and teddy coats have definitely been around for a hot minute, but they’re a must for cold weather. I love throwing my loose-fitting teddy coat over a hoodie or sweatshirt when I’m just running errands for a casual look, but I like to pair my slightly cropped and “fitted” teddy coat with jeans and a cute top. Long or bulky winter jackets can sometimes make an outfit look less stylish, but teddy coats are a great and warm alternative!


Knitted Leggings

Leggings are a comfy outfit essential and there’s a ton of different leggings that you can change up your outfit with, but I’m here to tell you about knitted leggings. Knitted leggings are different from normal leggings because they’re made of a thin sweater-like material rather than spandex. Because of this, they’re insanely soft and can make your outfit look cuter and less on the athleisure side (even though I opt for athletic wear all the time when I’m trying to stay comfy)! I just got a pair of knitted leggings from American Eagle, and not only are they crazy comfy, but they also make my butt look amazing!



I know that Uggs have been around forever, but recently Uggs have come back in style in a shorter length! These shortened Uggs can make your outfit look a bit more put-together than normal Uggs while still keeping your feet nice and toasty. I personally have the Ugg Neumel boots, which I absolutely love; not only are they shorter in length, but they also have laces on the front to give your outfit an extra twist! I think that the laces make the Uggs look more presentable, but if you’re a fan of the classic Ugg, the Ugg Classic Mini boots are a great choice too!


I’ve been wearing all of these pieces constantly recently, and even though you can’t see my whole outfit on Zoom, these pieces make me feel super confident during my online classes without overdoing it. They keep me super warm and comfy, but I still feel super cute and stylish when I wear them! Putting more effort into your outfits is a great way to stay motivated during the start of the semester, so push yourself to look past your usual hoodie and pajama pants and try out some new comfy, cute pieces instead!

Hi everyone! My name is Banmai Huynh and I am from Chelmsford, MA. I'm a Corporate Finance and Accounting major at Bentley University in Waltham, MA and I’m the President of our Her Campus Chapter. I joined Her Campus because I think it's a great creative outlet for college students. I like writing about my personal experiences, opinions, and recommendations! Thanks for reading!
Melissa is President and Campus Correspondent of Her Campus at Bentley University.  She is a senior majoring in Marketing and minoring in Spanish and Psychology.  Melissa studied abroad in Sevilla, Spain!  In her free time, she loves to read, write, play tennis, volunteer, and spend time with family and friends.  You'll usually find her exploring new places and restaurants and then writing articles about them!