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How to Create the Perfect Instagram Caption

We all have that one girl’s Instagram that we always stalk. The photos are stunning, the captions are just funny enough to make you laugh out loud — it’s almost as if she knows something you don’t. Is there a science to it? Is it magic? Maybe she was just born with it, or maybe it’s Maybelline? Bentley’s own Erin Gerken is “that” girl. I’ve put together a few rules you should follow to create funny Instagram captions using her photos as examples.

1.     Minimal hashtags

Hashtags are annoying to read, especially super long ones. There are no spaces between the words and thus all of the letters seem to blend together. It’s like a secret code that you have to study until you realize what was being said. If used, you should keep them to two or less. If you use them ironically to create a funny caption, that’s acceptable— but nobody wants a paragraph caption consisting of “#dog #like #snuggle #like #likeforlike #likes #insta #instagood.”


This is the English language people, let’s try not to completely butcher it. If you’re unsure of how a word is spelled, all you have to do is hit the “Home” button, open Safari, and Google search the word, OR JUST ASK SIRI (…seriously, she’s a miracle worker, shout out to Steve Jobs).

3.     Don’t use a caption

Take “a picture is worth a thousand words” literally. It can be appropriate to forgo a caption and let your photo speak for itself. Sometimes a sunset picture is just that: a sunset photo. If your caption isn’t going to add anything to the photo, then there is no need for one at all. It can also add a little mystery to your photo to go without.

4.     Use song lyrics

This can be tough. You need to not only pick the perfect song, but also make sure that the song is popular enough that people know the lyric. This must also be achieved without the caption being too long— nobody likes having to click “read more.” If you’re struggling to pick a song, use a different type of caption. It’s easy to see when someone is trying to force using a certain lyric with a photo.

5.     Be funny

Some people are just born with it: that indescribable, goofy quality that they are somehow able to portray through their social media. I’m not one of those people, so if you are, please let me in on the secret!

And last, but not least…

6.     Location

This is a feature that not a lot of people appreciate. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to make a small joke or to just show off that you’re vacationing in a place that most of us only dream of. 



Cover Photo Source: https://lh3.ggpht.com/vFpQP39LB60dli3n-rJnVvTM07dsvIzxrCL5xMiy1V4GV4unC1…

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