How to Avoid the Freshman 15

Here are the top tips to avoid the DREADED freshman 15



This is probably one of the most important things a student should do when they first start college. Getting yourself on a morning and nighttime routine will build healthy habits that you will carry on for the rest of your life. Your morning routine should include waking up, eating breakfast, and getting ready for the day. All of which should be done at the same time and same order every day. Then your nighttime routine should be your time to unwind and have "you" time. This routine should include everything you need to do to get unready, all done at the same time and in the same order, just like your morning routine. 



Workout as much as you can. Now, working out does not mean going to the gym and lifting heavy weights. Working out could be anything that involves constant movement like going on a walk or doing a yoga flow. The best thing to do is get yourself on a gym routine! You could incorporate this into your morning routine or just workout at the same time every day. As long as you get 30 minutes of physical activity for 3-5 days of the week, you will really see results. Not only does this help you physically, but for some people working out is like therapy. So not only will you feel good physically, but you will also feel good mentally. 



Food will make or break you. Acquiring healthy eating habits in college is essential for not gaining the freshman 15. Extreme dieting is not the answer to this, and eating healthy and clean all the time isn’t the answer either! Find food that you like and that is clean and as non-processed as possible. Life is all about balance. If you eat clean all week then do not feel guilty about having that cookie or eating that ice cream on the weekend. Remember that the faster you bounce back to eating clean, the faster your body will bounce back. 



I’m working out and eating healthy and I am gaining weight? This is a common question asked by students across all campuses. The simple answer is stress. The less simple answer to this is that if you are stressed than your cortisol (steroid hormone) levels are going to increase. This increase can cause weight gain for some people. Not only that, but some people stress eat which can also cause weight gain on top of rising cortisol levels. The answer to this perceived to be complex question is simply, stop stressing! I know that sounds easier than it actually is with the amount of homework and exams students have in college, but it’s all about finding what interests you. Here are just a few things you can do to decrease your stress levels: yoga, meditation, working out, reading, journaling, or taking a bubble bath! 


In today’s society, students, especially women, are expected to achieve and maintain this perfect physique we see all over social media, but always remember that you are beautiful the way you are! These tips are not to help you lose weight but to help you maintain not only your physical health but also your mental health. Always remember to do whatever makes you happy, not what society forces you to do!