Hey, It's OK!

There are some things that you are able to get away with in college that you probably wouldn’t be able to out in the real world.  A la Glamour magazine’s “Hey, it’s OK!” I’ve come up with our own college edition of things you totally shouldn’t feel ashamed doing because, I can pretty much assure you, you’re not alone in doing them.  So collegiettes, with that being said, it’s totally fine…

…if you count the fifteen minute walk to class as your daily cardio.  And when you consider the twenty pound backpack it probably counts as weight training too, right?


…if waking up at 8am has become the equivalent of waking up at the crack of dawn.  How we managed 6am in high school one will never know.


…if coffee has become your beverage of choice.  Caffeine fix anyone?


…if you monitor your meal swipes and discretionary closer than your bank account.  A girl’s gotta eat!


…if you consider going to bed before two on a weeknight a good night’s sleep.



…if you put off laundry until you’re down to your very last pair of socks, unless you want to start wearing your knee-highs to the gym.


…if you choose cereal for dinner instead of trekking to the dining hall only to be disappointed.



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