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Her Campus Fall Survival Kits!

Fall is finally here! With the leaves on campus slowly starting to change into gorgeous hues of yellow and red, the occasionally brisk weather, and the growing stress of midterms, this time of year can become overwhelming if you are not prepared. Get ready to embrace pumpkin spice and sweaters with open arms—because the Her Campus survival kit makes it that much easier to enjoy all the good this season has to offer.


As important as it is to remember to tend to your mental and physical health, it’s easy to get off track with midterms right around the corner. Freeman Beauty face masks are the perfect ten-minute pick me up—nothing says de-stress more than a mini-spa day. With over a dozen different varieties, it’s easy to find the perfect ingredients to complement your exact skin needs. Plus, let’s be real, there’s nothing more satisfying than the moment you peel off an entire face mask in one go.

Living in a dorm can be especially brutal if you have to learn to manage a communal bathroom. The college version of a petri dish, communal bathrooms are used by dozens of different residents every day—resulting in the rapid spreading of germs, making your tired immune system extra susceptible to whatever super flu this season concocts. By using a Steripod case for your toothbrush, you eliminate any possibility of these germs sticking to your toothbrush, as the high-tech case not only protects your toothbrush from any direct contact with germs, but also has a filter on the off chance anything gets through. It’s a lifesaver, literally.


The easiest way to set yourself up for a class-related mental breakdown is to be disorganized. Stylishly keep up with all of your impending tests, projects, and meetings with an Erin Condren planner. One of the most rewarding feelings is checking off a huge task once you accomplish it; plus, with covers this cute, you will want any excuse to write in these agendas as much as possible.


Skip the sugary drink during your next study session and crack open a Spindrift. They taste like your new guilty pleasure, but with the calories of your mom’s latest fad diet. With flavors coming in at as low as nine calories a can, these seltzers made of nothing but water and real fruit juice are a must-have for those of us who tend to devour everything and anything sugary during midterms.


Personally, my skin goes from peachy and freckled to practically translucent once the first day of October rolls around. L’Oreal’s self-tanning towelettes save you from being mistaken for Casper by providing a gorgeous, streak-free glow. The best part is that you can really control how much color you end up with, as you can build color by using the towelettes multiple days in a row. Plus, this self-tanner is a really affordable, healthy alternative to weekly trips to the tanning salon.


After constantly fighting with oily hair and trying almost every brand of dry shampoo out there, I have honestly learned that Bed Head is definitely the best. It gets rid of all the oils that make your hair greasy, and looks totally natural. Especially as the temperature drops, dry shampoo is a total necessity to keep your hair looking healthy and clean. It smells great, too! On the other hand, on a day when you are really feeling like styling your hair, the Bed Head masterpiece hairspray is your best bet. It leaves a shiny and glossy finish, and keeps all your hair in place—even as the crisp fall wind blows in your face and does everything within its power to mess it up. Combine the staying power of Bed Head’s hairspray with any of Aeropostale’s super cute headbands and hair accessories for a no-fuss hairstyle that looks great.


Anyone who tends to lean towards fruitier candy versus the overly rich, chocolatey varieties will be able to give into their Halloween sweet tooth with Hi-Chew candies, which come in dozens of super delicious flavors—this writer’s personal favorite being green apple. Whether it be for a late night treat or something to stress-chew while you study, Hi-Chew  combines the texture of Starbursts with the super sweet flavor of Skittles to create the ultimate fruity experience.


This season’s Her Campus survival kit has everything you need to ensure you minimize stress as midterms lurk around the corner and homework endlessly piles up. Rather than let yourself drown in stress, curtail potential worries and remember to treat yourself to a little R&R when you need it!

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Amanda Ciarci is a sophomore at Bentley University majoring in Marketing and Media, Arts, and Society. She is an active member of Alpha Phi, and in her free time can be found napping or having the occasional existential crisis in the library. 
Hi everyone! I'm Maeve and I'm a freshman at Bentley and I plan to major in Accounting. I love dogs, all things TV and anything about fall and winter.
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