Her Campus Bentley's Favorite and Least Favorite Moments of the Super Bowl

Here are some of our staff's favorite and least favorite moments from the 2019 Super Bowl! Congrats to the Patriots on their sixth championship!

Favorite Moments:

1. The Buffalo Chicken Dip

2. The classic tradition of Bentley students sprinting to lower campus to celebrate the win together

3. All of the amazing food and hanging out with friends

4. The one touchdown!!

5. The sustainability theme in many of the commercials

6. Enjoying the last Super Bowl of college as a senior

7. Attending a first Super Bowl celebratory parade 

Least Favorite Moments: 

1. This Super Bowl was soooo boring compared to previous

2. Fighting the way out of the parade once it was over to get to the T 

3. The commercial of people drinking sour milk like that is even slightly okay

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