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Her Campus Bentley Riding in Style with Kickboard Campus Scooters

The awesome people over at Kickboard Campus sent our president, Kathryn Burgner, and our EVP of Editorial, Olivia LeClair some AWESOME kickboard scooters to ride around campus! They are so much fun and are reminiscent of the scooters we used to ride as kids! Check out their Facebook page. 

Here is Kathryn testing out her new scooter in the Bentley Women’s Center:

Kathryn and Olivia rode the scooters around the Her Campus Bentley #BentleyVotes event, which helped them to get from end of the Student Center to another in a matter of second. They were SO handy for running to the mailstop or to other buildings on campus when picking up stuff for the event.

Kathryn loves riding her scooter so much that she’s able to try out some tricks on it!

We let our friends Buddy (President of Bentley Student Government Association) and Brian Shea (Junior Class Cabinet) take a spin on our scooters while they were playing “Uncle Sams” for our event. So much fun! 

Thank you, Kickboard Campus! hcxo

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