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Her Campus 2017 Halloween Costume Recap

Even spookier than horror movies and ghost stories is the sudden realization that Halloween has already come and gone. With November upon us and the brisk autumn air finally creeping its way into the Northeast, let’s reminisce of Halloween’s haunted festivities and take a look at our Her Campus team’s eclectic array of costumes!


Allison Weed

Allison and her roommate were hauntingly convincing as they dressed up as the twins from The Shining.


Amanda Ciarci

Amanda and her boyfriend were the classic crime-fighting aquatic duo, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy.


Brooke Camarda

Bride or die—Brooke turned heads this Halloween as a corpse bride.


Grace Raczek-Hoffman

Grace and her friends were the cutest nerds on campus—shining light upon the scariest phenomena of all: GB exams.


Haley Macray

Whether solving crimes or solving mysteries, Officer Haley and her friend dressed as Scooby Doo are on the case.


Kayla Vincent

Kayla and her girl gang dressed as a group of bad-ass boxers ready to take you on in the ring.


Rachael Krawiecki

In the effervescent New England spirit, Rachael and her friend sported costumes as Tom Brady and a referee!


Do you have a Halloween costume that you want to share with the world? Enter our Social Media Costume Contest on Facebook and Instagram for a chance to win some awesome prizes from our Fall Survival Kits! Be sure to “like” your favorite submissions on our Facebook page to cast your vote!

Native New Yorker Brooke Camarda has had her eclectic share of jobs—from the runways of NYFW to the haunted hallways of NYZ Apocalypse. Commonly known by her alter ego of Wonder Woman, there's no task or adventure that the skydiving-enthusiast isn't willing to take on. She loves typography and cappuccinos almost as much as she loves her (very) big family, and is thrilled to be writing for Bentley University's chapter of Her Campus.
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