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He Said/She Said: The Minds of Bentley Girls vs. Bentley Guys

Do you ever feel like guys and girls come from different universes where they think about things completely differently? Well, sometimes the male mind might surprise you… but sometimes it won’t. I asked small groups of Bentley students the same questions to see what responses came up.

*disclaimer: many opinions may not be represented in these answers.*

Hey ladies, ever feel like you have no idea what guys are talking about when it comes to cars? Well, you’re not alone. When asked “What is your dream car?” girls responded with things like: Mercedes, Jeep, Range Rover, and even a limo with a chauffeur. On the other hand, guys answered with: G2R, Dodge Viper ACP, Aston Martin, and obviously the most souped up Chevy Silverado you can find. Honestly, I still have no idea what a G2R is. A lot of guys are just super into cars. One time I went on a date with a guy who owned a Dodge Challenger with white leather seats, and he had me sit on a towel for the ride because my “jeans looked really blue.” Yeah.

When it comes to being on our phones, both guys and girls feel that they’re pretty good getting back to people over text. When asked How long does it take you on average to respond to a text?” guys and girls both decided that it takes them about 2-3 minutes. A few people candidly responded that it depends on the person. It should also be noted that when asked “Do you prefer to text or Snapchat?” 75% of guys said Snapchat while 90% of girls preferred to text. Hmm… I wonder if the limited word count in Snapchat has any effect on those results. Plus, you can’t screenshot conversations on Snapchat, so how are girls supposed to tell each other everything a guy is snapping us?

Not every girl is super into mushy romantic gestures, but when askedWhat is something you’d love to get as a gift from a significant other?” girls had two classic responses: jewelry or an “experience.” Necklaces, bracelets, concert tickets, and shopping sprees were common answers. My personal favorite was, “jewelry, with a side of fries.” As much as some of us girls think guys are hard to shop for, they have pretty consistent answers as well. Game tickets, hats, t-shirts, and food were typical answers. I’ve definitely wondered how it would really go over if I got a guy food for his birthday. Just food. That would save me a lot of money.

Showering goes a lot differently for guys and girls. When asked “How long, on average, does it take you to shower?” every single girl told me that it depends on whether or not she needs to shave.

In the end, girls said an average of about 15 minutes. For guys, the average was about 5 minutes. However, guys and girls could all agree that they don’t really sing in the shower. Unless music is already playing, people said they don’t do it. Maybe that’s just because we all have roommates… I distinctly remember belting out Adele in the comfort of my own home during high school. The acoustics are too good to pass up.

Thankfully, Bentley guys and girls seem to have their priorities straight. When asked “If you’re hungry, tired, and feel really gross, what order would you eat/nap/shower?” almost 70% of both guys and girls said that they would eat, shower, then nap. The second most popular choice placed showering before eating. Thankfully, we can all agree never to take a nap while we’re gross and hangry. We could even combine eating and showering so that we can get to that nap! #PARATUS!

PDA is a very controversial topic. I think we can all agree that there are many different levels of PDA, especially seen in college. There’s nothing worse than watching two people exchange saliva before going to class, acting as if they won’t be seeing each other again for months. But what about holding hands on campus? Personally, that doesn’t bother me- unless you lovebirds are walking 1 mph up the Smith stairs and can’t bear to break your grip for lonely old me stuck behind you.  

Girls seemed to be on the fence like me- their responses went 50-50 to the question “Does PDA bother you?” However, 75% of guys declared adamantly that PDA does bother them. It seems that college guys don’t have the same perspective on affection as hopeless romantics like Nicholas Sparks. Guys also hate when girls try to mess with their head. Over 85% of guys said no to the question “Does playing hard to get work on you?” Girls on the other hand, are sometimes intrigued by the challenge of a chase. 50% of girls said playing hard to get works on them.

*Note: I am not one of these girls. Please just buy me flowers and tell me you love me.*

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