Harvard Square Pizza Party

I, like just about everyone else, love pizza. But Seasons pizza doesn’t really cut it, so everytime I go into Harvard Square, I try to get some pizza. Here are a few places I think you should check out.


Otto, a Portland, Maine based pizza company, knows what it’s doing. It has a few locations around Boston, and the one in Harvard Square is relatively small. There’s no sitting room and not much standing room, but don’t let that stop you. With slices to eat on the go, or a whole pie to take back to campus, Otto pizza is classic: thin dough with cornmeal on the bottom, sauce that you can really taste the tomato in, and real gooey cheese. Otto is a slice of heaven. If you’re not looking for a classic, you can still indulge in flavors such as Sriracha chicken & avocado, pulled pork & mango, or their famous mashed potato, bacon & scallion option.

Slices for $3.50, whole pizzas for $21.75


If you like things thick, Pinocchio's got you. The Sicilian-style slices are much thicker than those at Otto, and just as delicious. Just ask Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Carrell, or any of the other famous people who loved it so much that they had to have their pictures on the wall.

 Unlike Otto, Pinocchio’s has room to sit down and eat your slice, surrounded by an adorable mural, string lights, and sweet, older Italian men. The thick rectangular pieces, coming from huge whole pies, are wonderfully filling as well as delectable. More of your classic flavors are found at Pinocchio’s, and my usuals include pepperoni, sausage, and occasionally buffalo chicken.

Slices $3.20, whole pizzas for $20.45

The Just Crust

Walking into The Just Crust in the middle of the afternoon, it's the feeling of entering that bar that you finally get to go to when you turn 21 and go back to your home town. But the pizza will quickly bring you back. The crust is just delicious, whether it's on slices of the classics or full pizzas that are a bit more creative. The pizza is thin all the way to the crust, with locally sourced ingredients to top it off. You can also buy sandwiches, salads, and pastas, as well as a wide selection of drinks here.

Slices $3.28-$4.28, large pizza $21


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