Hannah Keane ('17), Gammi Phi Beta's Newest President

Get to know Gamma Phi Beta’s newest president!

Name: Hannah Keane

Graduation Year: Fall 2017

Hometown: Fremont, New Hampshire

Major: Creative Industries

Campus Involvements: Gamma Phi Beta, RA

Interests: Netflix, cuddling-- especially in the winter


Her Campus Bentley: What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?

Hannah Keane: I went parasailing off the back of a boat twice.


HCB: Who are your male/female crushes?

HK: For male, definitely Chris Pratt. I loved him in Parks and Rec and then I loved him even more when he got ripped. I know it’s super shallow, but it’s okay. Female would probably be Cara Delevingne because she’s flawless and hilarious.


HCB: What’s your favorite pickup line?

HK: My friend just told me one that I thought was the best. It was, “Now that I’m here, what are your two other wishes?”


HCB: What is your spirit animal?

HK: Definitely a cat. Any type of cat. I like that they’re sassy and they nap all the time. Oh, also put sleeping down as one of my interests.


HCB: If you had a reality TV show, what would it be like and what would the title be?

HK: The title would be something vague and sarcastic. And I think the show would be something with contestants where I would be the host or a Simon Cowell-type judge. Definitely not a follow me around in my life type show, because that would be very boring. Oh, I have a six page paper due tomorrow, awesome, watch me write it!


HCB: What is your all-time fave movie?

HK: White Christmas. I have a huge crush on Bing Crosby, although right now he’s like 800 years old. I also love Seth Rogen comedies because I’m an immature child and I think they’re hilarious.


HCB: What is in a Hannah Keane starter pack?

HK: Goldfish, my cell phone, some sort of dumb cartoon like Bob’s Burgers, eyeliner, and sass.


HCB: What is your favorite show to watch on Netflix?

HK: Either Archer, Bob’s Burgers, or House of Cards.


HCB: What is your hidden talent?

HK: I don’t know if I really have one... I pull lobster traps in the summer but that is not really a talent, it’s more like a skill.


HCB: What is the most rewarding part of being in Gamma Phi, and why did you join?

HK: I think it is getting to be such a positive change and influence amongst other women, just on campus in general. I really wanted to be a part of something bigger, especially at a male-dominated school. I also think that it’s great to have female friends, and a sorority is great to find people who feel the same as you.


HCB: Why should girls go Greek?

HK: In general, sororities are a great chance to find yourself and people like you and the community that you belong in. At Bentley, it is a great way to get empowered, and it is also a great way to support other people’s accomplishments and cheer sisters on. All of your sister’s accomplishments are yours, and you get so happy and excited about it.