Group Projects: The Ultimate Struggle

As Bentley students, we are all too familiar with group projects. Everyone has to suffer through at least 4 or 5 in their Bentley career... but actually, the final tally is probably closer to 20. You might even be lucky enough to have 2 semester-long group projects at the same time, like I do. My schedule pretty much looks like this: 

In the end, it will all work out, but at first having all these group projects is incredibly overwhelming! Unfortunately, there’s no getting around it-- group projects SUCK. Even at Bentley, you are bound to encounter a group member who doesn’t pull his or her weight. So unless you are that lucky person who has the picture perfect group experience and becomes BFF’s with your groupmates (Side Note: If this actually happens to you, you are #blessed), this is probably an accurate description of your group:

At least everyone else feels your pain…? And since group projects are something everyone can relate to, here are 15 things that you are bound to experience while struggling to get through a group project.

  1. When you're too busy to even find time to shower

  2. When you're trying to coordinate schedules and your only options for meeting are at 8 AM on Mondays and 8 PM on Fridays

  3. When you keep mixing up which meeting is for which class and confuse the hell out of everyone

  4. When "Sorry, I have a group meeting" becomes your motto

  5. When a member of your group forgets to do their work

  6. When your group of 6 is all girls. I repeat, ALL GIRLS #DefyingTheBentleyRatio 

  7. When you disagree with a group member

  8. When you have 3 classes in a row and then a 2-hour group meeting 

  9. When you accidentally text in the wrong group project chat

  10. When you assign meaningless roles that you know no one will stick to but are deemed necessary by your professor

  11. When you have had 8 group meetings already and it's only the third week of classes

  12. When you're trying to explain how to do something to your group member and it goes about as well as trying to move Ross’s couch 

  13. When the group member that you don't really like starts talking

  14. When there's a really attractive guy in your group...

  15. When the group meeting that was scheduled for an hour has turned into 3 hours