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Good Vibes Fashion: Spring Day 2016

The most exciting day of the year is quickly approaching – SPRING DAY! CAB has recently announced that The Chainsmokers are coming to Bentley, and there are good vibes all around campus. Everyone knows that Spring Day isn’t complete without the perfect outfit. Thank goodness H&M and Forever 21 have both released new festival wear lines. Here are some of our favorites that won’t break the bank!


(FOREVER21)                        (FOREVER21)

(FOREVER21)                        (FOREVER21)

(FOREVER21)                                    (H&M)

(H&M)                                                              (H&M)

There are so many ways to interpret the theme “good vibes.” When choosing your top, you could opt for a classic tee, flower tank, halter tops, fringe, tie-dye or even crochet! We searched through the endless possibilities and found some that we felt everyone would love– and with prices ranging from only $9 to $20, what’s not to love?!? Pair each of these with high-waisted jean shorts or long flowy pants for the complete “good vibes” look!


(H&M)                                                        (FOREVER21)

Everybody loves a good cardigan! These are our top two favorites. One works if the weather is a bit chilly, and the other is perfect for soaking up the sun on the greenspace. Whichever you may choose, a cardigan will complete your “good vibes” outfit!


(H&M)                                                              (FOREVER21)

(H&M)                                                                   (FOREVER21)

(H&M)                                                          (FOREVER21)



(all FOREVER21, One, Two)

There are so many options on both websites when it comes to accessories. We feel that no “good vibes” outfit is complete without the right jewelry/accessories to pull it all together. So whether you’re a big floppy hat or a heart-shaped sunglasses type of girl, there is definitely something for you! Also, just think about how many compliments you’ll get wearing these awesome temporary tattoos.    

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