Galentine's Day Essentials on Clearance

Valentine’s Day may have already passed, but regardless of whether you have a significant other, it is always fun to have a night or day to celebrate your friends and show some love to them. Celebrating Galentine's Day after Valentine's Day has already passed can make it cheaper and more fun. Here are some must-haves when planning your Galentine’s Day **Clearance** Version fun!

  • Crafts: Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to bring some decorations into your room, but buying everything that goes on clearance after the holiday means you can start to get your room ready for spring at half the price. As an example, buying fake flowers, ribbon, and some kind of vase is a cheap and practical way of making a flower arrangement for your desk or common room table, and most stores will have row upon row of leftovers from Valentine's Day.

  • Comfort food: Use one of the days after Valentine's Day as an excuse to eat something you don’t normally eat - go out to a fancy dinner, make something unhealthy from your freezer, or order in some take-out (pizza and Chinese food are always perfect). Because you aren't doing it on the holiday itself, you won't have to wait in long lines or endure the crowds if you go out to eat!

  • Sweets: After you have your meal, it is also necessary to have something to satisfy your sweet tooth. It’s fun to buy candy to have an assortment, and it is always enjoyable to bake chocolate chip cookies or brownies with your friends. Visit the Valentine's Day candy aisle after the holiday is over to get some cheap sweets! 

  • Movies: It is always fun to sit with your friends and watch a movie, and all genres are open. A romantic movie and even better a romantic comedy may be the perfect fit for you and your friends to watch as you eat your baked sweets. Enjoy clearance candy with your gals!

Any time is a good time to have a girls night and show some appreciation for your friends, but sometimes a holiday gives the perfect excuse to go all out **after the holiday is over**.