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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bentley chapter.

With the lull of winter and New England tricking us into thinking spring could be coming (60 degrees one day, the next there’s a snow day!), the days can seem repetitive and when the weekend comes, it isn’t always the right mood to be social. Midterms making you stay up all night during the week studying, papers are needing to be written, all I want on the weekend is to just chill sometimes. Here are a few things I like to do when I get my work out of the way and the night is still young.

Face masks – the mask mandates are letting up, which means I need to prepare my face to actually be seen by strangers again. Who knows, maybe I’ll find a love at first sight? Doing a mask makes me feel relaxed and pretty. Living in a dorm, my go-tos are peel-offs and sheet masks (I do not need to make the long walk to the communal bathroom with green slime on my face). Pair it with a manicure and it can be turned into a spa night!

Movie night – alone or with roommates, watching a movie is a relaxing activity that requires nothing but wrapping yourself in a blanket and watching others’ lives play out on a screen. With all the streaming services, there is no limit to what you could watch. My roommate and I have been immersing ourselves in Euphoria, but there are binges for any mood possible. Choose the length and vibe, pop some popcorn, and it’s a great time.

Coloring – it might seem silly, but it can be so relaxing. Picking out colors and putting them on pages to make pretty flowers or anything your heart desires has such a calming feeling. Buy a book and grab the leftover colored pencils from second grade and let your creativity soar.

Cleaning – paired with a personal dance party, of course. When I feel I should be productive but I’m really not, I do some decluttering in the room. Those 3 am cleaning urges are something we all understand, and you can get the same vibe pushing it a few hours earlier, wearing pajamas, and seeing the darkness outside (thank you New England for our longggg night hours). It makes it easier to pack if you go home on the weekends, and maybe frees up some space for new decor or clothing!

Reading – nerd move, I am aware, but it gives me a break from reality and it’s basically the same as watching TV, just that I create the pictures for myself. Just like watching a movie, there’s genres for everyone and varying lengths.

Online shopping – even if I don’t buy the cart full of clothing, it’s always fun to dream. You can look for what you actually want, build up the wishlists for when the next paycheck comes in, the possibilities are endless. I one time picked pieces out for my friends and they looked stellar when they ordered the cart. Play the game of getting the highest number in your cart and maybe one day you’ll be able to order it :)

Hi! I'm a current sophomore at Bentley and I am majoring in marketing. I love Gilmore Girls, self-care/wellness, dogs, and so much more :)