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A Fun Family Tradition Between Thanksgiving and Christmas

With the holiday season approaching, it’s about that time when we are finally being reunited with our families after the long semester. While Thanksgiving is somewhat of a tease, only getting to see our family for a handful of days, winter break soon follows.

A simple way to add a little more fun to the weeks in between Christmas and Thanksgiving is to take a weekend trip to cut down your own Christmas tree. I did this for the first time eleven years ago with my extended family on my father’s side and we have made it a family tradition and have gone ever since.

We spend our weekend in the White Mountains area of New Hampshire. Our main attraction of the weekend is taking a trip to The Rocks Estate, a popular Christmas tree farm in Bethlehem, New Hampshire. You can go to this 1,400 acre farm and select from thousands of trees which one you want; and, you can cut it down right then and there to take home with you for the holidays. Something about just sawing down your own tree, bringing it home, and decorating it just screams traditional Christmas.

Another great aspect of The Rocks Estate is the historic sleigh ride available. The sleigh pulled by horses takes you through the Christmas Tree Trails throughout the plantation, as well as through the woods where the maple trees are and where the process of creating maple syrup occurs. It is such an interesting place to visit in the wintertime to enjoy the holiday scenery.

Taking the trip up to New Hampshire to cut down your own Christmas tree is such a unique way of getting into the holiday spirit and definitely worth the long drive. The few weeks from Thanksgiving to Christmas can feel like they drag on, but if you plan a weekend away with family to spend up in the mountains of New Hampshire, it can feel like Thanksgiving never ended and just continued on.

The best part of the weekend is just getting away, not worrying about any school work, and just being around people you love for three straight days in a row. There’s something about lodge resorts up North that just make everything seem so homey and comforting. Sitting by a fireplace and watching the snow fall with your family is easily one of the best feelings ever.
What’s your favorite family tradition? Tell us below!

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