A Fresh Perspective: 18 Thoughts a Freshman has During First Week

The transition from high school to college is both confusing and exciting all at the same time. You are constantly being exposed to new experiences and people while trying to adjust to a different location (and showering with flip flops on). So here are 18 thoughts that cross freshmen minds during the first week of their transition!


1. I am now a completely independent adult, but mom can you schedule my dentist appointment for Columbus Day break?

2. Do I tell them that I once could jump on a pogostick and play the trumpet at the same time for my ice breaker fun fact?

3. Why can’t Bentley get an escalator?

4. Can everyone tell I’m a freshman?

5. I hope someone I know is in Seasons no way am I eating alone

6. Why do expensive textbooks happen to good people? Do you know how many pumpkin spice lattes I could buy with that?

7. Does my Instagram with my new college friends make it look like I’m having fun? #SoCollege

8. I can’t use the bathroom comfortably when someone else is in there

9. My future husband could be here

10. What exactly is in this jungle juice?

11. I met my new best friend! What was their name again?

12. I’m going to be a gym person now

13. What is a “GB”?

14. Waking up for an 8AM will be easy

15. Do my pictures from home in my dorm make me look friendly and approachable?

16. Isn’t that the girl who posted a million times on the Facebook group?

17. When you eat at LaCava for the first time:

18. I love college