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Five Things North Campus Residents are Sick of Hearing

North Campus, you either love it, hate it or never even heard of it.  North Campus located just down the street from Bentley’s main campus is home to the four building apartment complex behind Gann Academy where upper classmen and graduate students live.  North Campus has its ups and downs, but when you tell people you live there you are guaranteed to get looks, questions, and concerns.  These are just a few of the things people have said to me when I tell them I live on North….

1)    “Did you choose to live on North?”

There is a mix of people who live on North who chose to live here and were randomly placed here. I did not choose to live here, but it is understandable why people did choose to live here.  The rooms are bigger, only two people to a bathroom, huge common area and full sized kitchen.  So it’s really not the worst place in the world. And usually when we give this response we get a look that looks a little something like this…

2)    “OMG you live on North do you know my friend?”

North campus is probably the quietest place ever, you can honestly hear a pin drop at times.  No one really socializes outside of their apartment, we will all see each other in passing and say “Hello!” but ask me if I know their names and I wouldn’t be able to tell you.  So no, I probably don’t know your friend unless they live in my apartment.

3)    “I’m so jealous you have a bathtub”

This one is probably the strangest things someone has ever said to me. Personally I don’t take baths, I think their absolutely disgusting so you will not catch me in my bathtub anytime soon, but hey if that’s your thing move to North next year and bathe away.

4)     “Do you cook like all the time?

If you know me then you know I can’t really cook and when I do everyone is aware because it’s probably on my Snap Story. To be honest I tried to make eggs one morning and had to throw them out and go to the supermarket to get milk for my cereal. I haven’t cooked eggs since. I envy the people who do cook every meal though.

5)    “You live on North, I’m so sorry!”

I’m not really sure why people feel so bad for me, North Campus has the nicest dorms Bentley has to offer.  Most people who live here actually really like it. So don’t be sorry, remember we’re the ones with bathtubs.

As much as I complain about North Campus it’s really not that bad.  If you are thinking about living here in the future I recommend having a car on campus because the shuttle isn’t that reliable, and food shopping is a lot easier when you don’t have to haul everything onto the shuttle.  So, all in all, North is really nice and I recommend to anyone who has never ventured up here to come take a peek some time. 


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