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The First Week of School as Told by the Cast of the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Well, it’s that time of year again and who better to explain how we are feeling about school than the Marvelous Midge Maisel and her friends and family?


1. When you arrive at Bentley again


2. When you walk down the hallway to your room again, full of hope for a fun-filled semester

3. When your friends notice your new haircut

4. Seeing your roommate for the first time in a month

5. When your room is overflowing with your bags from home


6. When you are *finally* fully unpacked


7. When you realize you have homework due the first day of classes


8. When you wake up and realize you have to go to class

9. Walking around campus and seeing the people you know


10. Making sure you get the seat you want at the beginning of each class


11. When a classmate compliments your first day outfit  

12. Having to introduce yourself with a fun fact during class


13. When your professor informs the class that you don’t need a textbook


14. When your professor announces that you have no tests or final exam


15. When you get back to your room after your first full week of classes, work, and all that jazz

16. When someone asks you about what you’re doing post-grad and you respond with “I have plans…”


17. Trying to ward off the inevitable stress pimples that seem imminent


18. When you realize syllabus week is over


19. When you and your roommate realize you’re already one week into your final semester


20. Getting ready for the second week of school and faking happiness



As Midge would say: THANK YOU AND GOODNIGHT!


P.S. If you haven’t seen The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel yet, drop what you are doing, head to Amazon Prime, and START WATCHING NOW!


P.P.S. My roommate and I feel this is incredibly accurate and can’t stop laughing. Thoughts?


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