Finals Week as Told by "You"

You may have seen the article about the TV show "You" (if not you can check it out here). The cooks of Orso’s Corner have binged the first season of You and would 10/10 recommend watching this thrilling show.


Here is how You takes on Finals Week:


When you should be studying but decide to take a snack break:


When you study with your friends and you’re the one that knows nothing:


When you debate why you and your mom thought college was a good idea:


When you try to justify not studying and taking a break:


When you are trying to convince yourself you like to read:


More like I’m counting on you, (a cup of) joe to get me through the week:


When your professor sends an email saying they are going to include everything from the first half of the semester in the final:


When you just need to smile to get through the pain:


When you think you are ready for your final but then your alarm goes off:


Acing finals and being able to chill with your girlfriends after :)


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