Finals Week As Told By 'Pretty Little Liars'

When you realize that finals are here…and you haven’t started studying at all


When you think you’re ready to tackle a final, once and for all


When you run to your friends after finishing a final that you know you failed


When your professor tells you that you need to know everything from the beginning of the semester…


When you don’t know the first, second, or, in this case, all of the questions on the exam


When your professor blesses you by allowing cheat sheets


When you can’t understand anything during the review session...


When you ask your friend if something is going to be on the final, and they don’t respond


When you give up on studying, but you’re friends want to have a study session


When you barely have time to go to Russo’s


When you go to tell your parents that you failed your finals


When you calculate your GPA to figure out the exact grade you need on the final


Coming out of a final when you didn’t know anything


When all of the library rooms are booked


When finals are over and you have nothing to worry about other than summer!


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