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We all know the feeling as the very real threat of finals week begins to sink in. It’s a confusing, stressful, busy—but ultimately gratifying—time of the semester when we all have a mix of exams, internships, and summer vacation on our mind. Read on to see the rollercoaster of emotions that are bound to ensue as we take on this next week of challenges…


Studying for what’s felt like hours, only to realize it’s been approximately twelve minutes

Reading a single page of the textbook and deciding to reward yourself with a nap

The GB 212 final in a nutshell

Getting lost in finals and feeling like nothing else in the world matters

When you give up studying and just want to stress eat

When you go to a review session and don’t understand anything

When you’re in serious need of some motivation

When you calculate your grade before the final

When you only have motivation to make sticky pasta for dinner post-study sesh

When you haven’t paid attention in class for the entire semester and you get handed the final exam.

When your professor announces that you don’t have to come in during the finals block

When you can’t read fast enough to get through the whole textbook the night before a final

Trying to study for your many exams while your friends exclusively have papers

Watching your friends leave for break, but you still have more finals

Setting 12 alarms the morning before your final…

Emotionally preparing yourself as you walk into the classroom for your first final

Triumphantly handing in your last final

Going out to lunch with your friends after the final, because you’ve earned it


Allowing it to sink in that you are, in fact, done for the semester




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