Favorite Game of Thrones Characters, Ranked



As some of you may know, Game of Thrones recently released a teaser trailer for its final season. Though it is sad that such an amazing show is coming to an end and that we will have to wait all the way until April to see it again, here’s a list of my personal favorite Game of Thrones characters. Spoilers ahead.




10. Gendry

Though he disappears for the majority of the show got to appreciate Gendry’s skills at running and rowing when we need him the most.


9. Davos Seaworth

Sir Davos is extremely loyal and genuinely a good guy. His interactions with Stannis’s daughter were precious and he was partly responsible for bringing Jon Snow back from the dead so got to give him credit there.


8. Arya Stark

Arya is one of the coolest character’s on Game of Thrones. The fighting skills she has developed throughout the show are insane. Her revenge plot on Walder Frey was also disturbingly perfect.


7. Sansa Stark

Though I know many may disagree, I personally really liked Sansa’s character progression. So many awful things were done to her at the hands of Joffrey and Ramsey but she triumphed past them and got back home to Winterfell which takes a lot of courage and strong will.


6. Margaery Tyrell

Margaery Tyrell was very smart, and I think a little underrated. She was able to maneuver her way through Kings Landing despite Cersei’s attempts to eliminate her. She also cared strongly for her family and was able to work up her place in society.


5. Brienne of Tarth

Brienne of Tarth is a genuinely loyal soldier who is one of the few characters that has maintained honor throughout the show. Despite any of the obstacles that come in the way, she makes sure to keep all of her promises to the best of her abilities.


4. Olenna Tyrell

Olenna Tyrell is so savage and does not even care what others think of her. She was never afraid to stand up to anyone and tell Cersei just how much she hated her. Her final words and confession of being behind Joffrey’s death were also iconic.


3. Jon Snow

Had to include the King of the North on this list. Jon Snow continuously puts himself in danger for the sake of his loved ones regardless of the potential risk it has for himself. Everything he does isn’t for fame or the throne; instead he simply wants what best for his people.


2. Daenerys Targaryen

Of course, the mother of dragons had to find herself on the top of this list. Daenerys Targaryen is one of the strongest and coolest female characters on this show. She continuously proves how strong of a leader she is. Although she has made mistakes, she surrounds herself with a trusted council and continues to grow.  


1. Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion Lannister is hilarious and by far my favorite Game of Thrones character. He is masterfully able to maneuver his way throughout court and is amazing as Hand of the King. Not only does he bring comedic relief to stressful moments of the show, but he has also been through many struggles that have shaped him and grown him as a character throughout the show.   


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