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Fashion Trends to Fall Into

As New York Fashion Week has come to an end, the trends for the upcoming fall season have just begun! It sometimes seems impossible to make sense of high-end fashion and the trends the fashion shows are setting. Who wears most of those clothes, anyway?! However, it can be interesting (and fun!) to decipher what each designer is trying to tell the public through their collection for the next season. For those of you who would rather leave the deciphering to somebody else, here is a list of trends you should be aware of when building your fall wardrobe:

Leather is great because no matter what way you wear it, it instantly makes you look more badass than you were two seconds ago. Don’t be afraid that it will make your look too tough! The best way to wear leather this fall is by wearing it in a feminine way, like in a completely leather skirt in a flirty shape.

You can find military inspired fashion mainly through outwear, structured shirts, and purses. These usually consist of darker colors, like army green (of course), and metal touches, such as in buttons, thick zippers, or metallic detailing. Wearing a military inspired jacket over any plain outfit will instantly update the look.

Basically, wear anything in burgundy and you’re good to go. This color made so many appearances in New York Fashion Week, from dresses to jackets, and even to lip color! My favorite way to wear burgundy is in jeans. Colored jeans always look super trendy, and they’re an easy thing to throw on in the morning when you can’t figure out an outfit.

Head to Toe Print
This trend is for those of you that are a little more ambitious, or those that are looking to step out of your comfort zone! Take two printed pieces you already own, and try and find a constant color between the two. If you can find one, try putting them together for a cool outfit.

This trend seems to have already made a small appearance, but it’s going to go strong through this fall. Peplum shirts and dresses work so well to enhance feminine figures, and they look super fashionable because of the structured look. Wear a peplum shirt with jeans for a casual look or dress it up by wearing it with a classic pencil skirt.

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