Falling for Crafts: Halloween DIY Projects

It’s that time of year again! Halloween is almost here, and the best thing to do on a brisk autumn day is to make some fall crafts and decorations for your dorm room. Below are some of my favorite Halloween and autumn crafts that you can create with your roommates!


Decorate Pumpkins

Pick up some mini pumpkins from the store or a local farmers’ market and get creative! You can look up designs on Pinterest, or look at some of the examples below. Use supplies like glitter, paint, Sharpies, and even pipe cleaners to bring your pumpkins to life.


Leaf Garland

Spruce up your dorm room or common area with easy-to-make leaf garland.

What you’ll need:

     Scrapbook paper in fall colors


     String or yarn

Cut out your colorful paper into different leaf shapes—you can find stencils for this online. Thread the string through each leaf by poking a small hole near the stem, and transform your common space just in time for Halloween.


Flannel Coasters

Need some coasters for your common room? Now you can make your own with this easy flannel coaster tutorial!

What you’ll need:

     5 inch squares of flannel (you can use old shirts, or even pick up some flannel at your local craft store)

     5 inch squares of felt


     Thread and sewing needle

Visit this site for a great step by step tutorial!


Colorful Pinecones

Brighten up your common space with these colorful pinecones!

What you’ll need:

     Acrylic paint

     Pine cones

     Paint brushes

Take a paint brush and paint the tips of the pinecones—you can even create patterns, use glitter, or do an ombre design. Let them dry then place them around your common room or your dorm room.




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