Everything Gets Better After February

February = cold weather + dark days + overwhelming schoolwork + sickness + no days off

It's easy to become depressed in this month where there is so much work to be done, it has been cold for SO long, and there is seemingly no break to look forward to. But, on the plus side, February is only 28 days long and everything gets better after this month is over!

Here's some reasons to look forward to February being over!


1. It will get warmer!

So the groundhog said that we will have an early spring... and the beginning of March is usually the turning point for warmer weather! March is known for "coming in like a lion and out like a lamb," and hopefully all of February's slush will disappear. Who's ready for spring?!


2. Less sickness!

Flu season is here, folks! Get your tissues and Tylenol ready, because Bentley's campus is slowly and surely being infected by lots of germs. Sickness goes hand and hand with cold weather and stress, so February tends to be the time when everyone comes down with something. If you are sick and need something to do check out this article: https://www.hercampus.com/school/bentley/things-do-when-youre-sick

My hope is that when February disappears, the germs will disappear too!


3. Spring break!

One of the worst things about February is not getting a break from school. As much as some people enjoy Valentine's Day, it doesn't even get us a day off from classes, much less a true break. For those of us who are single and don't particularly enjoy Valentine's Day, the month of February appears to have a lack of enjoyable holidays. Once February is over, we can start looking forward to spring break in March! A true break is what we all deserve and need in our lives.



So don't worry - if the winter blues are getting you down, everything gets better after February! 


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