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Every Bentley Student’s Holiday Wishlist

With the end of the semester approaching, everyone is being asked the same elusive question: “What do you want for the holidays?”  Most Bentley students could agree upon a few things that would make our lives a lot easier right about now; here are a few things the typical Bentley student really wants for this holiday season:


First off, an escalator up the Smith stairs and a slide down it. It would make life so much more convenient and fun all in one—and would spare us the near-heart attack every time we trek up to classes.

With parking being such a struggle, we could really use a personal parking spot in front your dorm.  Think about how much less time you would spend searching for a spot.


With finals upon us, I think what I want most right now is a very, very detailed study guide for my tests.  These weeks are such a grind, and sometimes it’s like the professors just enjoy inflicting unnecessary studying upon us by saying “study it all.”


Also, who doesn’t want their own study room in the library?  I mean, they are so helpful, but so hard to come by. 

Everyone loves snacks, and Bentley students especially enjoy a good study break—so snacks are a good staple to ask for this holiday season.


An extension on all our papers, group projects, and assignments would be nice—just enough time to catch our breath under the pile of work.


A snow day on the common exams day would make everyone very happy.  Yes, we all worked very hard all semester for that test—but is anyone ever truly ready?

Finally, discretionary funds.  Because everyone needs a break from Seasons every once in a while. 




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