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Etsy.com- The Best of the Net


For most of us, picking out Christmas and birthday presents is always a taxing endeavor. You have to get something creative, unique, and thoughtful for each person on your list, and your local Forever 21 or Toys R Us often comes up short. While browsing the web for just the right item for hours might work, there is a better way for a gift-hunting collegiette!

Etsy.com is an online store to buy handmade and vintage items. This website is a place for artists, creators, and makers to share their creations and gain exposure to their work. Conversely, it’s a great site to use to find clever and meaningful gifts that you can tailor to all of your friend’s and family’s interests!


You can search for virtually anything using Etsy, and the site will return different items to match your request, showing an image of the item and a price. You can sort by relevant items, highest and lowest price, and most recent posts. Further narrow your options to only handmade, vintage, or supplies. Pages and pages of different items will be at your disposal to browse through!

In addition to being the perfect place to purchase gifts and trinkets, you can even use Etsy to sell your own creations as well! If you love to knit, post some of your projects on Etsy and see if you get any bids. If you are into making jewelry, do the same with some necklaces, bracelets, or rings. The code words you choose will bring potential customers to your products, and hopefully help you make some extra cash and gain exposure for your work!

One of the most useful things about Etsy is that they are connected with PayPal. During checkout, you can choose to either type in all of your information, a time consuming option, or connect with your PayPal account, which keeps all of your information and makes for a simple and swift checkout.

If you’re doing online shopping, or bored and looking to browse around, Etsy is the perfect stop. Head to http://www.etsy.com/?ref=so_home for a fantastic shopping experience!

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