Emily Williams '15

Name: Emily Williams

Year of graduation: BS 2015, MSA 2015       

Hometown: North Easton, MA

Major: Accounting

HCB: Where do work and what do you do?

I am a first year audit assistant at Deloitte. I audit.


HCB: What do you like the most about your current job?

I like the flexibility it has in terms of the actual work that is involved.  I walk into the office everyday and although sometimes I have specific work I know I have to do, most of the time I get thrown new challenges or new things that I wasn’t expecting to do. This makes the time go by faster and makes work exciting.


HCB: What was your favorite memory from Bentley?

My favorite memory was riding on a bus for 24 hours to watch the women’s basketball team in Erie, PA. It was one of those trips my roommates and I spontaneously decided to go and do and it was a blast.


HCB: What was your go-to for spending discresh?

My go-to for spending discresh was the Jimmy Carter smoothies at Currito.


HCB: I noticed that you are the girl on the acceptance letter to Bentley, how did that come to be and do you feel famous?

At the time I was an Ambassador (tour guide) and they were looking for volunteers for a photoshoot. You take so many photos in different poses with many people so I didn’t know if any of them would be chosen. I didn’t know I was on it until I was shown by someone else. And unfortunately the paparazzi has not recognized me.