The Dos and Don’ts of Discresh

Read on for our go-to tips to use the last of your discresh dollars the right way!

If you’re trying to take someone on a date…

  • DO use the Harvard Shuttle or a car and get off campus
  • If the above is not an option, definitely DO go to LaCava and splurge a little
  • If you’re looking for a wide variety of foods and aren’t willing to spend what little discresh you have left this late in the semester, then DO go to Seasons and hope that it’s the one day a year where they have lobster
  • DON’T bring them to Russo’s—no one wants to grab a sandwich and mozz sticks for a date (although sometimes we all just want mozz sticks)

If you’re in a rush and don’t want to wait…

  • DO try going to LaCava in the morning instead of Einsteins. LaCava has bagels too, and it’s usually not a big line
  • DON’T go to Eisnteins in between classes to get a bagel—the line is horrendous
  • DO pray that the express line is open

If you’re strapped for cash at the end of the semester…

  • DON’T go to Einstein’s every day in between classes—I did this freshman year, and believe me, it put a heavy dent in my discretionary, especially if you get a bagel and coffee
  • DON’T go crazy buying a lot of food at Russo’s on the weekends—your discresh will be thanking you during finals
  • DO skip Russo’s or Mein Bowl, and instead eat some Easy Mac or popcorn on the weekends

If you have a lot of leftover discresh at the end of the semester…

  • DO be nice and buy your friends some extra food, especially if they’re struggling to make it through finals on what few dollars they have left
  • DO go to Einstein’s and LaCava after common exams and buy a bunch of drinks and chips. You will have lots of snacks for those warm summer nights
  • DON’T be that person who still has $40 in discretionary money when they’re leaving campus for the summer—why waste the money?





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