Dorm Room Essentials

Decorating your dorm room can be one of the most exciting things to do when you move into college. No matter if this is your freshman year, your senior year, or somewhere in between, there are essentials for every dorm room. Here are six things every dorm room needs to kick off a new school year.


1. String lights

The most common decoration in dorm rooms. String lights are crucial to create the perfect amount of ambiance, whether it’s right before bed or while watching a movie. Sometimes, the overhead light is just too bright.


2. If you share a common room… a rug

Spruce up your common room and tie the entire room together with a fun patterned rug. Or pick out a basic Target carpet remnant for only $15!


3. Succulents

The best part about succulents is that they are low maintenance and bring some life into your dorm room! You can also get them free from Bentley at events like Fresh Check Day and during Earthfest. TNT also puts programs on throughout the year where you can pot your own plant and decorate the pot!


4. Pictures of friends and family

Always fill your space with pictures of people that you love the most! It not only brightens up your space, it also adds some personalized touches to your otherwise plain dorm room. Although you may be at college and are ready to make new college friends, don’t forget your friends and family from home!


5. Throw pillows

Whether you’re having a movie night with your roommates or just hanging out, your dorm room and your bed often become places for people to sit, especially freshman year. Having extra pillows to get comfy is key. Not only will you feel better, your bed will also look more homey and inviting!


6. A snack drawer

Being prepared with plenty of snacks and candy is crucial for any college dorm room. No one did this better than my freshman roommate who had a fully stocked desk drawer of candy and other sweets. When you don’t feel like hiking to Seasons or spending discretionary at Currito or LaCava, you might just have to rely on the food in your dorm. This is how the snack drawer idea was created. It is in the perfect, easily accessible location that you can reach whether you’re studying, having friends over, or grabbing a midnight snack. Some classic choices are Twix, Cheez-Its, Goldfish, and Hershey Kisses!



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