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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bentley chapter.

Happy fall! The season of pumpkin flavored snacks, cozy blankets, big sweaters, and of course the beginning of school! As a freshman who is living away from home for the first time, here are homey and affordable decorations I have in my room to bring in fall!

1.) Battery powered candles

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These candles came in a package for $5! The lightbulb inside them flickers which makes them look like real flames! These candles are incredibly versatile as they would make for a perfect holiday/winter decoration later on this year!

2.) Essential oils

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One of the things I miss most about home is candles! Diffusing these fall scented essential oils works as an amazing substitute! These oils have created a warm, fall-ish aroma in my dorm!

3.) Pumpkin


Nothing says fall like a pumpkin! I bought this pumpkin at Wilson Farms in Lexington which is roughly ten minutes away from the Bentley campus! 

4.) Mug

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This fall I plan on drinking lots of tea, and hot chocolate! This mug I bought for $5! Mugs are amazing decor pieces for not only fall but also for the winter season!

5.) Mini chalkboard

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I made this chalkboard at the Dorm Invasion in the Student Center this past Sunday! I love the look of the board, and plan to re-use it to write other seasonal messages for my future decor themes!

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I placed all of the pieces on my window sill right in front of the soon to be foliage!

I am a first year student at Bentley University! I have a big interest in public relations and plan to major in marketing. In my free time I like going on hot girl walks, watching true crime, and shopping. My graduating high school class was just over sixty kids so I am navigating the transition from a very small school to school of 4,000+ kids! I am excited to join Her Campus to connect with others as well as grow as a writer.