DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas


Store-bought gifts are definitely great, but giving someone a homemade gift always shows how much time, effort, and thought you put in! Homemade gifts are always a little more special to the person receiving the gift, so they’re perfect for Valentine’s Day! Since the pandemic has given most of us some more free time, here are some DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will definitely leave your significant other or galentines feeling extra loved!


Bake Them a Treat

Food is always a crowd pleaser. There’s tons of Valentine’s Day themed treats out there that would be the perfect gift for your significant other and would definitely be enjoyed! If your significant other already has a favorite dessert that you know they love, you can easily make it Valentine’s Day themed by adding some pink frosting, heart-shaped sprinkles, or cutting the dessert into hearts! One of my favorite desserts to make is rice krispies, but to make this Valentine’s Day themed, you can mix in pink, red, and heart-shaped sprinkles into the marshmallow and puffed rice before letting it set! You can also cut the finished rice krispies into hearts instead of rectangles! If your significant other isn’t a huge fan of rice krispies, you can make them heart-shaped cookies, pink-frosted brownies, or cupcakes with Valentine’s Day themed sprinkles instead! Baking your significant other a treat is an underrated gift idea that is budget-friendly and super tasty!


DIY Crochet Chunky Blanket

Over quarantine, I ordered six spools of chunky yarn from Michael’s and hand-crocheted a blanket! The chunky blanket I made is super cute and so warm; it would be the perfect gift for your galentine or significant other (especially since it’s crazy cold outside right now)! But I’ll warn you right off the bat, this was definitely a time-consuming activity, so make sure you’ve finished all your homework and have a good amount of spare time on your hands before starting this project. I followed a YouTube video by Do It On a Dime to learn how to crochet the blanket. Crocheting is a bit tricky at first but it’s really easy to get the hang of after a couple stitches! One of my biggest tips for this project is to make sure you have enough room to do it or else your blanket might come out a little misshapen! This DIY gift idea may be a little more difficult and a lot more time-consuming, but the end result is 100% worth it - I bet you’ll want to make yourself one too!


DIY Candles

Candles are a huge hit during the colder months, making them the perfect gift idea for Valentine’s Day! While it may be easy to just go out and grab a candle off the shelf for your significant other, imagine how touched they would feel if you made them a personalized candle that reminded you of them? I know I would feel super special if anyone did that for me! Candle wax goes for about $25 online, which you can make plenty of candles out of. Grab some essential oils (I get mine super cheap from TJ Maxx) and mix the essential oils into the melted wax! Choose essential oils that you think represent or suit your significant other to make it extra personalized! After creating your desired scent, just pour the wax into a container with a wick (these can be bought online for under $10) and let the wax cool! You can spice up the candle by adding a ribbon and a cute label on the outside explaining what scents you added and why!



An easy DIY gift idea is a scrapbook full of pictures with your significant other! Just compile a ton of your favorite pictures together and get them printed at your local drugstore; I usually get my pictures printed at CVS for only 35 cents a piece! Once you have all your pictures printed, you can lay them out in a scrapbook and add cute captions talking about your favorite memories! Don’t forget to pick up some Valentine’s Day themed stickers to decorate the scrapbook too! Scrapbooks are the perfect gift because you get to reminisce with your significant other about all the great memories you have shared together. You can also leave some blank pages at the end of the scrapbook to add any new pictures you two take!


I hope these DIY gift ideas helped you find the perfect gift for your galentines or significant other this Valentine’s Day! These gifts are really fun to make and pretty budget-friendly, so they’re perfect for college students! Don’t forget to tack on a card with your gift (which can also be homemade) to let your Valentine know how much they mean to you! The pandemic has taken a toll on most of us, so it’s super important to let your loved ones know how special they are to you; Valentine’s Day gives us the perfect opportunity to do this, so start spreading the love (but not COVID)!