DIY Friday: Pretty Little Pumpkin

Well ladies, it is finally October and that means fall activities! One of the major activities that comes along with this month is pumpkin carving and decorating. Every girl in New England loves to go pumpkin picking with her friends or S.O. and, after said picking and taking tons of adorable insta pics, one must decide how to decorate the pumpkin! Being that we are on a college campus, jack-o-laterns are not an option because of the fire hazard of candles, therefore, we have found super adorable and chic ways to decorate without breaking any rules!

What you will need:







So, why paper and tape? Cutting patterns into paper is the easiest way to create a stencil! Print out a photo or hand draw a picture on the paper and then cut it out. To keep it in place, tape the stencil to the pumpkin and paint over your stencil.

With the use of the Internet (more specifically, Pinterest!) you have so many options to decorate your pumpkin. Online you can print your favorite quote, monogram, or a ghost (if you are un artistic like me). Then just use the paintbrushes to put the paint on to the pumpkin.

Another cute and simple way to glitz up your pumpkin is to paint it in its entirety and add some glitter! Once you have painted your pumpkin, you can use glitter paint on top of the things you have drawn or all over to make a sassy looking pumpkin as seen below.

Once you and your friends are done, you can display your pumpkins in your rooms as cute and customized Halloween décor. Pumpkin decorating is a perfect way to hang with your friends and create something adorable!


Happy Halloween!







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