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DIY Costumes from Dorm Items

If you find yourself with no costume and no time to buy one as Halloweekend quickly approaches, look no further. Here are some great Halloween costumes you can make from the comfort of your dorm!


‘80s Girls

Just grab some extra Nike Pros, then layer on your favorite neon sports bra and windbreaker for a bright and colorful outfit. Extra ‘80s points if you add leg warmers!


Girl Scout

Finally a use for your old Girl Scout sash—just pair it with a white t-shirt and a brown skirt and you’re set!



It’s one of the easiest costumes to whip up at the last minute; all you need is a white t-shirt to rip up, and some red paint/dye for added gore!


Greek Goddess

This costume is the best use for an old bed sheet lying around in your dorm. Using the sheet—or a white dress—all you need is a gold headband to tie it all together.



Mattie Touzeau is a freshman at Bentley University who hopes to become an IDCC major. Whenever she's not sleeping or working you can usually find her outside.
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