Day Trips and Activities to Do Around the Boston Area!


With the weather getting warmer around New England we all urge for fun activities to do to clear our heads and change up the scenery from campus. Boston is a great area full of great restaurants, activities, and destinations to explore. Growing up an hour from the city of Boston I have been taking day trips around the area for my whole lifetime. Having the ability to easily get into the city right from the location of campus is great for day trips! Here are some of my favorite activities and trips to do around the Boston Area: 


1. City Bikes

If you haven’t tried City Bikes you need to! I never did this until recently with some of my friends from school, but it was one of the most fun days I have had this semester. It was unlike any experience I have had and allowed us to easily maneuver around the city. We went to Harvard Square and biked along the Charles River all the way to Boston and were really able to make a whole day out of it. The bike stations can be found in many locations throughout the city, and it is super cost efficient. It is a great activity to get off of campus and take in some scenery and fresh air. 


2. Castle Island

Castle Island is a great walking location located in the Boston Seaport. There are plenty of benches to just sit and relax, even bring a picnic and spend the day! It has a view of the Logan Airport which allows you to see planes come and go. Parking is free and since it is in the Seaport you can always grab some yummy food before you leave. Additionally, there is usually a ferry that can bring you to other islands located off of Castle Island. 


3. SoWa Open Market

SoWa can arguably be one of the coolest things to go to in Boston. Open on Sundays from May to October this marketplace celebrates local art, food and music. Usually, it is pretty packed, but the vendors are amazing. Whether just walking around or buying an item it is a really good scenery and vibe. Although it isn’t always open during the spring when we are on campus it sometimes opens for special Sunday’s so make sure to keep up with their website and hours.


4. Go to a museum

Boston has so many great museums to explore. With interactive museums and gallery museums there is a museum for everyone. Some of my favorite museums include the Museum of Science, the Museum of Fine Arts, and the Institute of Contemporary Art. These museums amongst the many others in Boston are fun and a great way to spend a day in the city with yourself or with friends. 



5. Go to a restaurant for brunch, lunch, dinner or a snack! 

With so many options Boston has great food. In every district of the city there is someplace worth trying (if not multiple). I personally love exploring new restaurants in Boston because there are just so many and new ones keep opening. Dressing up and heading into the city for a meal is always a fun way to spend the day. With the weather getting nicer many restaurants and cafes will be opening their outside seating too so you can grab fresh air. Some of my favorite places to eat are: BarTaco, Flour, Piattini, Boston Burger Company, any place in the North End and Tatte amongst others.