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From Day Glow to Smokeshow


            Women are masters of fashion, getting our way, and seduction. But our best kept secret is makeup. Within just a few minutes, some deeper tones, darker colors, and bolder lips can help us become the sexy woman you wish you knew. Or some blush, highlighting tones, and shimmer can make us the sweet, doe eyed, girl in your class with. We are masters of change because we have the ability to transform into whatever we want. Make up is fun, non-permanent, and a bonding time for us women, because who doesn’t like to feel beautiful? Cosmetics enhance your natural beauty while giving you some spice.

On the left, Meg evened her skin tone with a base of liquid cover-up. Then she went over her cheek bones and forehead with a shimmery blush to highlight her T. She used a light lip liner to give her a little color and only mascara on her top and bottom lashes. On the right, her night look, she used the same cover-up but instead of blush, she used a shimmery bronzer to give her a tanner, darker look. Then she used a brown smokey eye and black eye liner to enhance her eyes. She also used a darker lip liner and a deep mauve lipstick. 

On the left, Emily wore a light base makeup, some layered mascara to make her eyes stand out, and just a little lip gloss. On the right, to go out, Emily used her Naked Urban Decay pallet to create a sultry smoky eye. On the top and the insides of her eyes she used the lighter colors, Virgin and Sin, to create depth and layering it with Sidecar, Half -baked, and Smog. On her top lid she has put a medium thick strip of black eye liner. For her lips she used a pink gloss.

On the left we have Karen, who used a light foundation with a winged eye liner look. Notice she only used mascara on her top lashes to enhance her eye shape with neutral lips. On the right she spiced it up with a bold red lip and bronzer. She used a smoldering technique to better define her almond eye shape and topped it off with some black eye liner.

On the left Rachel highlighted her cheeks with a light pink/neutral blush. She kept it simple with light mascara and a little brown eye liner on the top lid. On the right she used the Naked Palette from Urban Decay. On the inside she used Half-baked with hints of Sin. On the outside she used Toasted and Hustle. She also opted for a thick line of black eye liner and more mascara. 

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