Crafts: Decorating Piggy Banks

We all want to save money, so you might as well start now! Over break we painted our very own piggy banks to make saving fun. We went to AC Moore and bought the mini pigs and paint.


The piggy banks were roughly $3, and the paint was less than a dollar. We were able to find some acrylic paint and paint brushes that were lying around and used them on the piggy banks.


This is a relatively inexpensive craft which means you can start saving right away.


Since the piggy banks were ceramic you might have to do a couple of coats of paint.


We decided to all decorate our pigs with dots but feel free to be creative and decorate your pig any way you want. Here are the finished products!


Meet Jimmy Dean, Frankfurter, and Porky!


Images: courtesy of the authors and 1