COVID-Friendly Date Ideas this Valentine’s Day


It’s pretty certain that this Valentine’s Day will look like no other. Since movie theaters are closed and dining in at restaurants is risky right now, couples are left with pretty limited options for dates this year. However, we shouldn’t let the pandemic stop us from safely celebrating those we love! Here are some COVID-friendly Valentine’s Day date ideas for you and your significant other!


Have an Indoor Picnic

If you’re currently in New England, you know that it’s so cold right now that going outside consists of red cheeks and freezing hands. Because of this, it might be a good idea to keep things inside this Valentine’s Day! One creative idea for a date this year is to have an indoor picnic! Make some sandwiches, cut some fruit, and pour some soup in a Thermos to enjoy on your favorite blanket in the comfort of your living room! An indoor picnic is a great way to change up your normal meal and make it more fun!


Go Sledding

If you’re brave enough to go outside, sledding is a perfect idea for a Valentine’s Day date this year! Almost every town has a great hill for sledding, so ask your friends and family to help you find the best spot. Sledding is the perfect opportunity to have some fun, share some laughs, and get in touch with your “inner little kid!” Don’t forget to bundle up and make sure you wear a mask if you’re at a popular sledding spot!


Make Hot Chocolate Bombs

Hot chocolate bombs became a popular treat during the holidays this season, but just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean the snacks have to be too! Hot chocolate bombs are the perfect treat for the cold weather and they don’t require too many ingredients either; I bet you could even make them in your dorm with just a microwave! Other than the basic ingredients like chocolate, hot chocolate mix, and marshmallows, the only other thing you’ll really need is a sphere mold for the bomb itself. These sphere molds are only about $10 from Walmart and Michael’s, so it won’t break your bank! Make sure you watch the hot chocolate bombs melt later when you finally get to enjoy them - it’s super aesthetically pleasing!


Board Game and Movie Night

If you’re looking for a date idea that doesn’t require much preparation, a board game and movie night with your significant other might be the perfect idea for you! Grab any board games you have lying around (or order some and pick them up curbside from Taget) and log into your Netflix or Hulu account! This date idea is an easy and relaxing way to spend some quality time with your partner playing games, watching movies, eating snacks, and cuddling!


With the quarantining that happened in 2020, it was easy for us to drift away from our loved ones. 2021 gives us the perfect opportunity to rekindle our relationships in a responsible and safe way! I hope these date ideas gave you the perfect Valentine’s Day plans this year but above all, I hope you stay safe while celebrating with those you love!