Course Selection, as Told by the Kardashians

With the daunting task of course registration looming over everyone’s heads, it’s hard not to panic—especially for seniors nearing the finish line (“if I don’t fit this class I literally can’t graduate”), and the freshmen who have never experienced the true purgatory that is the final time slot for selections (“there are literally no seats left in 212—how are there no seats for a required course?”). Who else could better depict the range of emotions we’re going through than our favorite celebrity family?


Every Bentley student’s collective reaction to the Registrar’s emails about the new selection times:


Comparing times with friends and realizing the Registrar has blessed you with the first selection time for your class code:


Or, alternatively, realizing you have the worst time (thanks last name lottery!): 


Attempting to piece together your schedule using the new planner on MyBentley:


Stress eating copious amounts of food the night before as you tweak your first, second, and third choice schedules for the last time:


Setting twenty different alarms because you have to wake up and select at 5:45 AM:


After said alarms go off, your expression while waiting for MyBentley to refresh:


When your friend texts you saying they can’t get into the course you were going to take together, and asks if you’re willing to switch into the section with the professor whose Rate My Professor grade is a 2.0:


Securing a seat in two of the five classes you were trying to register for, and accepting your inevitable add/drop fate:



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