A Collegiate Girl’s Guide on How to Stay Informed

The word college is pretty much synonymous with hectic. Between class, social life, clubs, and almost everything in between, many collegiates put watching the news at the bottom of their priority list. Not because they don’t want to be informed, but just because it’s just not on the top of their minds. So what if there were places where you could get the news in an efficient yet informative and interesting way? Well that’s exactly what this list here is for. Different sources and newsletters that make being informed just as easy as checking Instagram.

1.     The Skimm

The Skimm is a daily newsletter sent right to your email every morning featuring many of the world’s top news stories. The writing style is informative, yet you don’t see the Skimm as having to be a chore every morning. Infused with humor and wit, this is my personal fav. You can also use The Skimm to catch up on recent news issues with their Skimm Guides which essentially break down the world’s top pressing issues.


2.     Bit of News

Another daily newsletter with links to different breaking newstories. At the end of the newsletter, there are always links to other unique and sometimes bizzare features.  


3.     Lenny Letter

Lenny Letter is written by Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner. This daily newsletter features topics such as feminism, style, health, politics and friendship. In their words, it’s an email newsletter where there is NO such thing as too much information.


4.     The Edge

Produced by Elite Daily, this newsletter features five of the most important news stories each day. Read to always stay informed!