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The College Girl’s A to Z Holiday Bucket List:

Attend a tree lighting:

Whether it’s in your college town / city or back at home, it’s always fun to watch a Christmas tree light up for the first time of the season. Events like these often have music and food vendors as well, making them fun for friends and family to join! If you’re in the Boston area, Boston Common and Faneuil Hall both have tree lightings coming up that will surely impress!

Bake! Bake! Bake!

No time is better than the holiday season to bake your favorite cookies and treats. If you’re looking for classic Christmas fun, make some sugar cookies from scratch or from dough that can be found at the store and use holiday cookie cutters and fun frostings / sprinkles to decorate them. If you want new cookie inspo, check out this link: https://www.foodnetwork.com/holidays-and-parties/photos/easy-holiday-cookie-recipes

Count down the days until Christmas with an advent calendar.

There are all sorts of unique and fun ways to countdown to Christmas with advent calendars, with ones that give you a piece of chocolate each day or a different type of teabag to use. You can even create your own if you want!



Whether it be your dorm, your room at home, your apartment, etc., it’s always fun to blast the Christmas music and take out your favorite lights, garland, and stockings to make your living space look festive. The dollar store and Target always have cheap but super cute options to decorate with style.


Exchange gifts with friends by doing a secret Santa.

This doesn’t have to hurt your wallet either- set a price limit or do gag gifts only to get the whole group laughing!

Find a friend and drive around the neighborhood to look at all the pretty Christmas decorations and lights.

Get gifts for others. It’s just as nice to give at Christmas time as it is to get. Showing your friends and family that you care through a homemade or small but thoughtful gift is always a fun thing to do during the holiday season.

Help those in need.

The Holidays are a perfect time to give back to your community or to just help people in need. This is so easy to do at this time too, from salvation army donations outside the local supermarket, to dropping a coloring book in the Toys for Tots bin. If you want to do even more, you can adopt a family to buy gifts for or donate to a local food pantry or shelter.

Ice skating!

If you want some nice winter scenery and cute pictures, opt for an outdoor rink, just make sure to bundle up!

Jump around in the snow.

You’re never too old to take advantage of a snow day and go outside to make a snowman or go sledding. Tubing and skiing are always fun too!


Kick it with your friends and family.

It’s so nice to be home for about a month and the holiday season is always a great time to re-connect with friends you haven’t seen in a while and spend time with your family.

Light your favorite holiday candles.

If you’re anything like me, you love all the winter candle scents and could spend hours in Yankee candle or TJ Maxx just sniffing all the different scents. So, while you’re not restricted by residence hall rules, light your sugar cookie candle and get cozy.


Make holiday crafts.

Pinterest has no shortage of fun holiday crafts that you can make, from ornaments, to wreathes, mason jar décor, and more.

New year, new you!

We can’t forget about NYE and it’s the perfect time to set a resolution and begin to work toward your goals for the new year and the new semester.


Take this break to get yourself ready for the next semester and the New Year by breaking in that new calendar or planner and organizing your living space or school items.


Get together with your girls from home and have a night to remember (NYE is the best excuse!) before you head back to school for a while.


Que up your favorite holiday songs

Have your own dance party or listen while you’re decorating the tree!

Relax and de-stress from finals and the stress of the first semester.

Make yourself a bubble bath, schedule a spa appointment, go get your nails done, whatever it may be!


Take advantage of all the deals both in store and online.


Treat yo self!

You don’t just have to buy gifts for others during the Holidays, take advantage of any sales or gift cards you’ve got and get yourself some gifts.

Unwind and get cozy with a book by the fireplace.


Visit your favorite restaurant or coffee shop at home. 

Watch your favorite Christmas movies.

I recommend The Polar Express, The Grinch, or Elouise At Christmas time.

Xmas day brunch.

My family always starts Christmas day off by meeting at my grandparents’ house and having Christmas morning brunch. It’s my favorite part of Christmas day and you should try it too!

Yearly traditions.

Don’t forget all the little things you do during the holidays, with family or with friends, that make it unique to you. Keep up with those traditions and make new ones too.

Zip up your winter jacket and go outside!

Get some exercise with a winter hike, ice skating, or tubing.





Kaelah is a Freshman at Bentley University planning to major in Management with an LSM in Global Perspectives. She is also a member of Phi Sigma Sigma, The Women's Leadership Program, and Students for Sustainable Business at Bentley. A few of her interests include travel, fashion, food, and fitness.
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