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Chris White, Office of Financial Assistance


Chris White is a Bentley Alumni who works in the office of financial assistance and student employment here on campus. He enjoys knowing that his hard work helps students come to Bentley to pursue their education. As a previous Bentley lacrosse player, Mr. White offers his experience and knowledge of the sport to work with the men’s team on campus. Read through Her Campus’s interview with Mr. White to learn more about his background and advice he offers graduating students!

Her Campus Bentley (HCB): What is your current position here at Bentley and what is your favorite part about your job?

Chris White (CW): I am the Senior Assistant Director of Financial Assistance here at Bentley. My favorite part of my job is knowing that I contributed to a young man or woman’s ability to attend Bentley. The amount of gratitude you receive from families during graduation week can be overwhelming.

I am also a volunteer assistant coach for the Men’s Lacrosse team. I enjoy building relationships with student athletes and watching them grow personally and athletically into responsible young men. Many of them succeed after graduation because of the lessons they learned on the field.

HCB: Where did you go to college and what did you major in?

CW: I attended Bentley College and got my degree in Finance and also attended Bentley University for my MBA in Economics and Financial Markets.

HCB: Did you play any sports in college or a member of any organization/ fraternity?

CW: When I was in college I played on the men’s lacrosse team and I was vice president (VP) of Class Cabinet.

HCB: Did you have any other jobs before working at Bentley?

CW: I was a Personal Financial Planner at Baystate Financial Services before coming back to Bentley to work in financial assistance for students.

HCB: Did you always see yourself on this career path?

CW: No, in fact I never intended to work in higher education for any extended period of time. I anticipated returning to private finance following completion of my MBA.

HCB: Do you enjoy working on a college campus?

CW: Yes, I believe a college campus provides you with a unique opportunity to impact young people during a transformational time in their lives.

HCB: If you could describe yourself in 3 words what would they be?

CW: Determined, giving, and self-motivated.

HCB: What advice would you give students as they start the job hunt for after graduation?

CW: Keep your options open and don’t be afraid to reach outside of your comfort zone, it is very unlikely that your first job will become your career. You should not feel as though you are competing with your peers for the perceived most desirable job. The most desirable job and career is the one you get excited about waking up for everyday, not necessarily the one that fills your pockets the highest.


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