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Carl Forziati, ’12


Name: Carl Forziati

Undergraduate Graduation Year: 2012

Majors: Economics; Liberal Studies

Concentrations: Management; Health & Industry

Graduate School Graduation Year: 2013

Degree: MBA

Hometown: Cape Cod, MA

Campus Involvements: RA, Peer Advisor, Service-Learning, First-Year Seminar, Honors Council


Her Campus Bentley: How many years were you an RA for and what made you want to be an RA?

Carl Forziati: I had the privilege of being a freshman RA for two years. Getting involved in RHA was what initially sparked my interest in the RA position (as President of my Hall Council, I worked alongside Res Life in helping build community in the residence halls and creating opportunities for residents to socialize and learn through floor programs). However, what really made me want to be an RA was the opportunity to help other students transition to college. In a way, being an RA was therapeutic for me since I could “be there” for my residents—challenging and encouraging them to open up, to feel, to learn, and to grow as people—in a way that I wish I had “[been] there” for myself freshmen year. I made it my mission to (gently) push my residents outside of their individual comfort zones, and not make the same mistakes I did on my journey into adulthood, or at least, help them learn from these mistakes when they inevitably happened.


HCB: What do you see yourself doing five years from now?

CF: Whether I believe it or not (FYI: I don’t), I find peace of mind “know[ing] the average person changes careers seven times in his/her lifetime”. I’d like to think whoever first made this claim did not intend for it to be interpreted literally, but rather sought to ease the burden placed on us by society to know what we want to do (career-wise) for the rest of our lives by the time we’re 25. Looking ahead, only one thing’s for certain: change. Who I am now is vastly different from who I was five years ago in the same way who I will be in five years is vastly different from who I am now. My priorities, my interests, and my skills will all evolve as I progress further and further into my career(s), so rather than answer the stated question, how about I just get to the point and admit that I don’t know.


HCB: If you could give advice about ANY aspect of college life, what would you say?

CF: Be gentle with yourself. It’s rare to see on the Bentley campus, but the truth is everyone struggles, and you only make it worse for yourself—and everyone else—when you pretend to be okay and you’re not. Trust me, I would know; it was the most important lesson I learned here.


HCB: What do you miss most about your Bentley undergraduate career?

CF: That some of the most important people in my life were all within walking distance.

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