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CAB President: Christine Taft ’16

To continue this week’s Spring Day theme, we thought, who better to write a profile on than CAB’s president herself: Christine Taft. Along with her team, Christine is the one responsible for putting together the greatest day ever known to man (or at least Bentley students)– our beloved Spring Day. From her favorite performers (who she’s had the chance to hang out with) to what’s in store for this year, we got the details from the woman herself.


The Basics

Name: Christine Taft

Year: Senior  

Major: Management with a concentration in HR and an LSM in Ethics & Social Responsibility

Post-Grad Plans: I interned with Liberty Mutual last summer, and I got a job in their rotational program that’s HR focused. The cool thing about the rotational program is that they can do new rotations anywhere in the country, so since I didn’t study abroad, this is kind of my chance to travel while still being guaranteed to end up in Boston at the end of it all. 



HCB: In addition to the concert– which we’re all super excited for– what else can we expect for Spring Day this year?

CT: A lot of new food options. That’s all I can say. We really wanted to change it up this year a bit. Don’t worry, the pulled pork isn’t going anywhere! We’re working with some really great food trucks. There’s going to be a great live musician on the green space to kind of have it be like a chill zone. There’s going to be flash tats galore, tons of giveaways, the Zorb balls will be there as well. There’s a lot of new stuff in store. Also the t-shirts look pretty awesome and there’s some tank options for people this year too! Also for seniors, SPE and TNT is doing a senior breakfast with mimosas in the pub. Spring Day and Homecoming are the two days where a lot of student life gets involved. There will be some new aspects to the concert experience as well. The Dana Center will look different, and that is all I can say…


HCB: So if you’re allowed to tell us, who else in addition to the Chainsmokers were you thinking of brining to Spring Day? 

CT: Honestly, Fetty Wap was on our list of potential artists, but he costs a lot of money for not a very long set. We were very surprised about the shortness of his set list for college shows. It’s only about a half hour. 


HCB: How does something as big as Spring Day come together? 

CT: We start thinking about it in November before, and we have to talk to athletics about next year already because we have to book the Dana Center and all of the fields on Lower. We always talk with other area schools like BC and Northeastern and just find out things like “Who are you thinking of brining? Who went over well?” From there it’s negotiations and numbers talks with artists and figuring out what we want the rest of Spring Day to look like. Basically, once Super Bingo is over, that’s when we start the traditions of Spring Day– like what we’re doing for food, inflatables, t-shirts etc. It’s a collaboration between the concert and tradition committee. 


HCB: How does the agent you work with do things? Is he in-house or does CAB hire?

CT: He’s hired. Our agent knows all of the little details and reputations of the artists and then Bentley administration just has to approve. So for somebody like Wiz Khalifa to come who insists on smoking on stage, that’s not something we would be allowed to do. He’s also the agent for a lot of other schools to get their concerts; a lot of our business competitors, I would say. The idea of “my people will call your people” is actually a real thing. Honestly though, most of the grunt work is put in by the concert co-chairs. They work with what pairings would be good, what do we want things to look like, etc. Nothing would happen without those five. They deserve a ton of credit.


HCB: What’s your best celeb experience from over the years? 

CT: Freshman year T-Pain actually left his pants in the dressing room, so my friend Alex has T-Pain’s pants in her room. Also, during Timeflies last fall, someone ripped Cal’s shirt off while he was one stage. He said nobody’s ever done that during a show before and came backstage laughing, but a little flushed, I think! (Editor’s Note: we’re shocked that this is the first time someone has thought to do this…)


HCB: Which artist has been the best to work with?

CT: Logic was so down to earth, he was so grateful for what he had and took all the time needed to take individual pictures. He talked to everyone, and he never had an “I’m too good for this small school attitude” which is sometimes what happens. Kat Dahlia was very cool, too. 


HCB: Favorite CAB event in your four years? 

CT: That’s a really tough question. I think the first Back 2 Bentley concert. It was a suprise to campus, and we put in a ton of work over the summer. Also getting to take a very couple-y picture with Cal from Timeflies was amazing. My dad actually called me to ask who the boy in my profile picture was. We really had the mantra “bigger and better” for CAB, and that was really the first one under my presidency that we were able to pull off. 

HCB: What’s your Spring Day like?

CT: My day starts really early around 7 or 8 in the morning, which I guess is the same as the rest of campus. We’re over at the Dana Center the day before, it’s usually about 5 hours of work. We start at 8 and until about midnight or 1 we’re running around like crazy with walkie talkies, and our GroupMe goes crazy. There’s always something. For example, we didn’t didn’t find out Tyga was unavailable until 15 minutes before doors opened. 


HCB: What’s your personal favorite part of Spring Day?

CT: I’ve always loved seeing the finished product come to life. Seeing campus enjoy the events and seeing what’s put in be appreciated makes it all worth it. I’m very much a people person, so I don’t like to be backstage during the concerts. I like to be right in the middle of the crowd when it’s all going on.


HC: When did you get involved in CAB?

CT: Day one, freshman year. I started off going to concerts and going to meetings. I got pulled in by the co-chairs at the time, and they just had such a great energy that I knew I wanted to join.


HCB: Any other things we should know for Spring Day before the big day comes?

CT: We sold the most tickets on day one in my four years. Which is a great sign, we’re very close to selling out. Just everyone have fun, be safe, and enjoy the day!

Bentley senior majoring in Information Design & Corporate Communications with a minor in Entrepreneurial Studies. Chapter President for HCB. Third Door Media intern. Karate aficionado. Shonda Rhimes super fan.
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